Technical Surveillance

A highly specialised practice that requirers knowledge, experience and morality

Technical surveillance involves the use of highly specialised equipment. Sometimes this equipment is all that an investigation requirers or indeed all that can be used, on other occasions the use of technical surveillance will complement actual physical surveillance and together a result will be formed.

Our equipment is not purchased from high street electronic stores.  It is often created by some really clever people or bought from places that the general public do not have access. In many cases it is the equivalent to the sort of equipment that the Home Office might use on their tasks.

We always deploy our technical assets ethically ensuring that we are not breaking any privacy laws.

You may wish to use technical surveillance to:

  • Identify where your personal or company assets are
  • Ensure employee safety
  • Identify theft in the work place
  • Identify malpractice with family members or patients
  • Ensure that work is being carried out as paid for