Pre-Employment Vetting

Are people who they say they are?

This type of fraud is on the increase. Job advertisements go out, applications come in but who are these people? Are they actually who they purport to be or are they actually a made up some of the parts of various other people? CV manipulation is rife given today’s online world. What impact could employing the wrong person have on your business?

What types of candidates require vetting?

Essentially all of them, every single one! It does not matter if you are interviewing someone on the minimum wage or the top earner in the company, each position is a risk to your business and its reputation.

On-going vetting. Why?

Your employee passes their initial 6 month probation period with flying colours. Their feet are now firmly under the table, they have become a trusted member of the team but this is not the time to take your eye of the ball, this is exactly the time to reassess who people really are.