Physical Surveillance

Do you need people or places observed?

Make no mistake about it, physical surveillance is an art form that many people say they have mastered but in reality very few are even moderately capable. Even less have reasonable levels of equipment so that they can obtain the evidence required. When it comes to pre and post surveillance activities you will discover that less still are at the required standard. There is a significant difference between following someone and placing them under surveillance.

What, when and how many people are required?

What exactly is surveillance? It could be described as the covert monitoring of people, places and assets. We would carry out a period of surveillance after consultation with you. This would help us determine your exact needs and in turn help us decide how many people would be required. Although every job is different we do not endorse and will not commit to 1 person surveillance if that person has to be followed whilst in a vehicle. This is unrealistic and unprofessional. 1 person surveillance can work if static observations are required.